Carrots Reduce Estrogen Dominance?

Lower estrogenHeard that carrots reduce estrogen dominance? No joke.

Estrogen dominance is a condition that impacts millions of women every year, most often during menopause. As the name suggests, it happens when your estrogen levels overbalance levels of other important hormones.

Although your body needs estrogen for a variety of its processes, too much can put you at risk for several small issues like breast tenderness, food cravings, water retention and weight gain to serious conditions like anxiety, depression and digestive issues.

In most women, estrogen dominance happens as a natural part of menopause: production of most gender and sex-related hormones changes significantly, and during the process balances can be skewed.

However, some women experience estrogen dominance early for a variety of genetic, lifestyle, environmental, health-related and dietary reasons. Treating estrogen dominance requires a fairly aggressive course of hormone replacement drugs, serious dietary changes and other medical steps to rebalance your body’s production of estrogen with the other hromones responsible for general and sexual health…

…or you could eat some carrots.

It turns out that more and more evidence suggests eating raw carrots (or more specifically, some of the compounds inside raw carrots) can be as effective as less natural treatment protocols. The how is tricky and not yet fully researched and understood, but here’s all you need to know about what the research says and what you can do about it.

Raw Carrots Detox Estrogen

Dr. Ray Peat was a detox and organic food culture advocate during the 1970s, back before either of those words were household terms. He conducted a great many experiments and research studies on hormones, nutrition, and how the two interact.

His work on women’s hormonal health was groundbreaking, and was among the first to challenge the western assumption that only drugs and hormone treatments could expand the healthspan of women. Though you can fill (and some have filled) a book with the story of Dr. Peat’s work, two of his findings are especially important to this discussion:

• Raw Carrots Detox Estrogen

Peat discovered this initially while exploring causes of chronic migraines, and found a single raw carrot each day prevented them in a majority of subjects. From there he had a group of women suffering from severe premenstrual symptoms (often attributed to estrogen imbalance) eat a raw carrot daily. He measured their serum estrogen and discovered estrogen and symptoms both decreased within a few days of beginning the study.

• Raw Carrots Contain Estrogen-Absorbing Fiber

You already know about the unique — and to some less than pleasant — texture of carrots. What causes those carrots is a fiber found in no other vegetable. This fiber absorbs and detoxes estrogen, which you then excrete when you go to the bathroom. Dietary fiber, including that found in carrots, carries a heapin’ helpin’ of other health benefits including better bowel health, lower cholesterol levels, stable blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy weight.

Further research found that consuming the carrots by themselves — between meals or just after bed — maximized your intake of the important compounds and the impact of the fiber on your blood sugar and estrogen. It’s a good idea to keep a bag of carrots fresh in the fridge for quick access between meals.

To enhance the estrogen lowering effect, combine one shredded raw carrot with a teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, a dash of of vinegar, then toss and eat like a regular salad.

Seriously. We Mean Raw Carrots And Estrogen Reduction.

There are huge differences between raw and cooked carrots, and we’re not just talking about the changes in texture and taste. Depending how you cook them, the process leaches nutrients and breaks down the fibers responsible for much of the estrogen balancing impact. Cooked carrots are a staple in all kinds of sauces and soups, and good for you in a lot of ways.

Estrogen detoxing and cleansing just isn’t one of them. But don’t worry — you can’t overdose on carrots. Just eat your raw carrots in addition to those you use in cooking.

While you’re at it, avoid baby carrots: those tiny, rounded, peeled carrots people buy in bags to put in kids’ lunches. The trouble with baby carrots is they’ve been peeled.

Carrot peels prevent the growth of a specific bacteria, which has a protective coating that contains a toxic component called lipopolysaccharides. Lipopolysaccharies are known to provoke immunoresponses including inflammation and changes to hormone production. Bottom line: baby carrots themselves aren’t bad for women’s hormonal health, but the process of babying carrots grows bacteria that can be. Peel your own carrots.

Since You’re In the Neighborhood

Dr. Peat, and dozens of health researchers before and after his time, have discovered a wide variety of benefits from eating raw carrots on a daily basis. A few of the most important ways carrots can improve health include:

• Improved resistance to cance because of their antioxidant content, especially (but not limited to) lung and colorectal cancers, and leukemias.
• Improving vision and reducing risk of macular degeneration because of the vitamin A found in the beta-carotonids in carrots.
• Better immune function because of several key nutrients found in carrots
• Regulation of blood sugar due to the fiber we discussed earlier, which helps with weight in the short term and can reduce your likelihood of developing type II diabetes

Even if you’re not experiencing estrogen dominance now, you should still put carrots in heavy rotation. They might prevent estrogen dominance in later years, and they will definitely improve other aspects of your health in the meantime.

Conclusion? Carrots Reduce Estrogen

This may be the simplest, easiest conclusion I’ve been able to draw in all the articles I’ve written for this site. Eat a raw carrot every day.

Cooked carrots are good for you, but in other ways, so don’t pull them from your diet. Just don’t count on them as an adequate measure against estrogen dominance. And avoid baby carrots at all costs.

Easy enough?