Breaking: Toxin Infecting Millions Of Americans

shampoo weight gain

My name’s James Long and I’m about to show you how the simple act of washing your hair every morning can be causing you to put on weight.

And in this article, I’m going to show you 4 foods that are often promoted as healthy by the media that are actually blocking you from achieving your weight loss goals..

You’ll also discover how 3 awesome and unusual fat burning tips recently proven by science are helping tens of thousands of women and men to burn away their body fat and look great, feel confident and happy..

I can guarantee that even if you think you’ve tried everything you haven’t seen these 3 tips before.

And so we’re clear, they’re nothing to do with fat loss pills, machines or restrictive rabbit food’s something different and brand new that you’re going to find very exciting.

As a quick side note, I need you to know that what you’re about to see is based on scientific evidence.

At the bottom of this page is a link which contains the names of all the peer reviewed medical studies that have been examined by qualified fellow professionals in the medical field. Just so you know, we’re not basing this on any opinion or hearsay..just proven fact.

Now I know your time is very important to you, let’s get started right away with those foods that could be making your weight loss impossible:


TOXIC HEALTH FOOD #1: Fruit juice

The first health food to avoid is a drink and it’s good old fruit juice

orange juice weight gainTouted as the ultimate healthy beverage for families for decades, a study published in the British Medical Association recently revealed that people who regularly drank fruit juice are more likely to get diabetes type 2, which is obesity related.(1)

This isn’t so surprising when you know that some fruit juices have been found to have high levels of concentrated fructose, which studies show can lead to insulin resistance and abdominal obesity, aka belly fat.(2)

And recent research shows that some brands of fruit juices contain very high levels of sugar – one brand of smoothie was even found to contain as much 34 grams of sugar – or about as much as a can of soda.*

The second health food to avoid is trail mix..

gene x weight lossA recent study by the Environmental Working Group (3) found nearly 50 foods containing the chemical parabens..and among these 50 different brand foods were 15 different brands of trail mix.

Parabens are a group of chemicals used to preserve and lengthen the life of cosmetics, plastics and foods. British researchers at Brunel University discovered that they mimic the female hormone estrogen and other studies indicate that they can cause disruption to the hormone signalling system that in turn can trigger fat accumulation(4).

I’ll tell you more about parabens in just a minute…


Before I get to the other 2 potentially more harmful health foods that may be making it very difficult for you to lose weight, as promised, I want to share this essential new method with you that specifically targets your fat-burning hormones using a protocol that I can guarantee you’ve never heard of before..

Megan weight lossIt’s a technique that a volunteer of ours and mother of 3, Megan, used to lose 60 pounds of stubborn fat from her legs, hips, buns and belly and, while some of it is actually embarrassing for me to admit we consider it our duty to this share with you and anyone else interested in losing weight..

It’s also something that powerful diet companies are trying to stop us from revealing..

So make sure you’re paying close attention and have no distractions nearby, because I honestly don’t know how long this video will be around for and I want you to get all of this down today. While you still can.

This is something awesome that you’re going use it yourself to melt your body fat.. so do pay attention..

Very quickly, so you know a bit about me. I’m James Long, head researcher and director of studies at the Gene X Institute.

I head an innovative nutrition-focused research company that advises top health brands how to develop healthier, cleaner and more nutritious brands of food.

And this all dates back to 2 years ago when our health researchers here uncovered something very interesting when conducting weight loss studies on our volunteers:

What our most in-depth controlled weight loss study to date revealed was that even when using advanced weight loss strategies approximately 40% of our volunteers still could not lose weight.

Even when on a strict calories controlled diet, even when exercising correctly 3 times a week, and even when avoiding “baddies” such as alcohol and sugar…nearly half of these people in the study still couldn’t lose weight..

Sure, most folk could lose a few pounds with a conventional diet or workout plan and I know plenty of people that have, but eventually they come up against these weight loss barriers – and I’ll explain what these mysterious barriers are in just a minute – that just make it impossible to lose any more weight.

Maybe you can relate to this too?

It’s a condition commonly known as weight loss resistance.

If you’re one of the many who suffers from an inability to lose weight, believe me, I absolutely understand your frustration and anger. I know exactly what it’s like.

And don’t for one minute think that it’s your fault…it’s not, and I’m going to show you why.

Like I said, for 40% of volunteers in our studies, no special diet, exercise plan or supplement had any lasting effect in reducing body fat more than a few pounds.

And the most noticeable example we had was Megan, a mother of 3 from Atlanta.

Megan is one of those generous, positive and genuine human beings who was just thrilled to be a part of our study. She was so full of optimism and hope that this could be the weight loss breakthrough she’d been missing.

But after just a 3 or 4 months we had to accept that no matter what we tried with Megan, she could not lose weight..

We tried ultra healthy diets….

Exercise plans…

Fat burning pills..

With Megan these only seemed to work for a few weeks.

Eventually, she became depressed, frustrated and angry when nothing worked after 5 months of trying everything we threw at her..

But no matter what we tried, she still couldn’t lose more than 3 or 4 pounds of fat. And at nearly 190 pounds, you can imagine how this made her feel.

Put simply we’d failed. And Megan had such high hopes of finally getting slim that she took this very badly.

She told us we were in the same boat as the weight loss industry, that we were no different to the powerful weight loss companies who had happily taken thousands of dollars of her hard-earned money year after year and given precious little in return..

And as lead researcher, I was particularly hurt by this..I took it very personally

Having been personally affected by my own struggle with weight loss, I knew what it meant to be overweight and frustrated..

Which is why the accusation that Megan made really stung me..

I was a father figure to many of these students and volunteers. The go-to guy when they had problems, the man who knew it all about the human body.

And yet I couldn’t even help half of them lose weight. I felt like I was letting them down and it was a real dent in my pride and confidence. What was the use in 30 years of study and work if I couldn’t even help half of my volunteers?

It made me feel ashamed that I couldn’t help someone like Megan, a devoted and caring mother of 3, live the life she so deserved. Seeing somebody so generous, kind and genuine suffer because of her weight was heartbreaking to me and I knew I just had to do something about it..

So while those words hurt me, they also steeled me and propelled me into action.

The very next day, I woke up early with absolute clarity: I knew exactly what I was going to do

I was going to make it my mission to find the solution for that group of people who can never lose weight no matter what they try..

Find out exactly what was stopping them from reaching their weight loss goals.

lose weight fastDig out this mysterious “weight loss demon” that was causing all these problems..

At that point my life took a turn..

I worked 7 days a week for 6 months and hardly saw my family..I spent weeks immersed in research from early morning till late at night. Sometimes sleeping at my office..

This put a real strain on my life for months…but I kept on driving through obstacle after obstacle like a man possessed…I felt that I couldn’t be quite complete until I accomplished this important goal..

And what did I have to lose? I am a researcher; I have access to the tools I needed to find the information…why not make it my lifetime goal to give these people what they need?

So I rolled my sleeves up and for 6 months I went at it like I never have before..

Before one day I came across something quite unlike anything we’d ever seen before..

Something so unconventionally strange that it goes against all mainstream advice you may have heard..

I remember it so clearly, it was a Spring day, and the birds had just started tweeting was one of those days when you know that beautiful weather is just around the corner…

I was sipping on my morning coffee when I nearly spilt it on my keyboard, and accidentally pushed over a small pile of journals off my desk in the process…

And as one of these journals fell it opened out…as if it was somehow telling me to read it….

My eyes were drawn right to the headline on that open page: Gene Interaction Can Lead To Long Term Weight Loss Resistance In Adults

I quickly grabbed the heart pounding..excited and almost shaking..

When I read through the full text of the study I understood that what it revealed was that almost half of us have a gene which makes us react differently to new chemicals in our environment..

The journal went on to say that “the effects of these new chemicals were typically demonstrated by weight gain and weight loss resistance in adults..”

In Megan’s case for example, she wasn’t a naturally “fat person”, lazy, greedy or anything like that..quite simply her body was overweight because it was reacting in a different way to chemicals in the environment!

Let me quickly explain how that works and I promise I won’t get too technical:

What we are seeing in epidemic proportions is that new chemicals in food, water and household items are now far more common than they were for our parents or grandparents..

And that many of these chemicals we are exposed to now imitate the female hormone, estrogen and can lower progesterone and testosterone in both men and women.

When estrogen levels in the body are higher than normal it can lead to belly fat, a rounder, softer body, weight loss resistance.

High levels of estrogen can also lead to plenty of other issues, such as cellulite, brain fog, chest fat, early menopause, low testosterone in women and men, dry skin and low libido.

But basically what this study was saying was that only some of us are affected by this influx of new chemicals..

We now call this recent phenomenon chemical estrogen dominance..

Quickly, we realized that we had to urgently research all of these harmful chemicals infiltrating into people’s bodies to help Megan and the others to lose weight..

We figured that once we did, we’d be able to reverse the effects of chemical infiltration, recalibrate their hormones and help them to shed pounds of fat, increase energy and boost mental clarity.

We identified the chief chemical to be Bisphenol A (BPA), a product found in some plastics and papers in your home, food packaging and even in public places..many studies confirm BPA is is linked to breast cancer and hormonal imbalances..*

Another compound that is just as harmful for weight gain is phthalates – now considered an “environmental obesogen” by scientists – which in basic terms means is that it makes you fat. Phthalates are found in some foods, plastics and cosmetics..*

While these 2 compounds are the most harmful for your weight and health, there are 2 others that made the list: parabens we spoke about earlier and like I said, these have been linked to hormonal disruption in men and women* while other studies link them to breast cancer and infertility*.

You’ll find parabens in certain foods and cosmetics including brands of cookies, some types of tortillas, skin creams and sun block.*

They are also present in some brands of shampoo which is why I said even shampoo could be risky for your health and weight control.

The last compound that makes our list is benzene, found in laundry detergent, furniture polish and even some soft drinks, that is considered a Class A Carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency…*

Now just before we get to these 3 awesome tips that’ll help you to burn away fat, listen to this extra tidbit from our research:

Toxins also filter into your digestive system, causing bacterial imbalance, a harmful gut bug which leads to abdominal bloating and the inability to absorb enough nutrients.*

So not only can you gain weight, you’ll have a bloated tummy and you’ll be malnourished and tired.

Sound familiar?

Now keep reading because the best part is coming up:

If you can’t lose weight whatever you do and everything you eat sits on your stomach, hips, buns or thighs there’s a good possibility these 4 chemicals could be your weight loss demon that is lurking in the shadows, silently preventing you from looking slim and lean, stopping you from getting that body you deserve..

3 Powerful Nutrition Tips To Balance Hormones, Shed Body Fat And Enhance Your Energy

What can you do if you are one of the group who can’t lose weight due to toxicity?

Well, fortunately our research led us to some great conclusions that you’re going to love..and all 3 of these awesome tips will help you with your weight loss, NO MATTER what.

Even if you find it impossible to lose weight and even if you’ve tried everything.

The first of those powerful tips is:

Tip 1: Eat Carbs

Carbs are essential for hormonal balance, the estrogen to testosterone ratio*. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can sit there and eat processed carbs all day either.

It does mean that starving yourself of calories slows down your thyroid and metabolism to a crawl, leading to weight gain.

The trick and key to lose weight is that you should eat carbs – BUT you need to know when to eat carbs.

Eating carbs early in the day and avoiding them at night, despite what conventional diet advice wants you to believe, is NOT the way to lose weight. In fact, it’s how to put on weight.

Once we had Megan move certain foods she ate in the morning to the evening she started to lose weight right away, even while eating some of her favourite supposedly unhealthy foods like pizza, ice cream and lemon pie.

Tip 2: Detox Your Home

When is a healthy diet not enough?

When your household chemicals are causing hormonal havoc, sabotaging your body’s attempts to lose weight.

In Megan’s case her makeup, shampoo, face cream, and even her kids’ sun cream were nearly all linked to chemical hormonal imbalances and weight gain.

Only when we had Megan follow our exact blueprint for a toxin free bathroom and home did she start shedding those pounds off at a surprisingly rapid rate.

Tip 3: Stop Chronic Overstimulation

And the third and final important tip for weight loss is to avoid chronic stimulation:

What this means is that conventional dieting and exercise advice in the media encourages people to do 4 things which can actually be very harmful for reaching weight loss goals, and these are:

– exercising on the treadmill

– restrictive dieting

– taking fat burning pills

– drinking coffee or tea for losing weight

What they don’t say is that studies show that all 4 of these methods can increase stress on the body and raise levels of the cortisol hormone..*

And higher levels of cortisol can lead to adrenal fatigue which is linked to further weight gain.*

Think about the last time you were at the gym. How many people were pounding away on the treadmills? And how many of them were actually slim?

Back to our friend Megan..

Based on the results of our in depth studies on this theory, we were able to develop a specific blueprint for Megan to follow to get into shape very fast..

  1. We increased Megan’s intake of carbs – only we told her to eat them at specific times, and NOT in the morning for breakfast
  2. We gave Megan a list of what we call “inflammatory” foods – these are mostly foods that contain chemical additives or foods that have been genetically modified over the years. Most folks don’t know how closely they are linked to obesity.* Megan avoided these and is still avoiding them.
  3. We gave her a list of awesome delicious foods she could happily eat as much as she liked – and as she loves to eat, she didn’t hold back.
  4. We gave her a step-by-step easy plan to rid her body and home of harmful toxins that are proven through medical studies to be linked to weight gain* – and this is what really accelerated her weight loss.

What happened next?

Megan herself lost 65 pounds in total and now feels highly energetic, positive and confident about herself..

Her skin got clearer, her stomach bulge went away and her digestion became more constipation or bloating.

Now she’s a real picture..slim, toned, bright and if I may say she’s looking pretty hot.

And she can fit into the cuter, smaller dresses she’d been dreaming of wearing for years. Her marriage and self-esteem improved. She says her husband can’t keep his hands off of her!

Megan was just the start of the story..

We had 52 more of our study volunteers from the group that couldn’t lose weight follow this exact plan to the tee..

Most of them didn’t even know they were following any weight loss plan..And the results again, were nothing short of mind-blowing..

Day after day we’d hear from our volunteers about how their body fat was finally, noticeably, melting away from their frame..

About how their lives were improving..their self-esteem, confidence and moods..

Men and women reporting that their love lives hadn’t been so good since their twenties!

Most of them were amazed that they could actually eat such delicious foods and lose weight in the process!

It got to the point where we just categorized our blueprint as a slam dunk for weight loss…

Basically it worked for, women, young or old.

And because our volunteers and folk we didn’t even know kept asking us for copies of our plan for their friends and families I had the entire team of researchers document everything into a program that everybody could understand and share..

This blueprint has had so much success in our community we’ve been urged to make it more widely available to the public..

So based on the huge success we’ve had in our studies, we’ve agreed to let the public have access to this information too.

Myself and my team of researchers have devised and extensively tested our highly effective system, based on results of carefully controlled scientific research, specifically tailored to protect our generation from the harmful effects of chemical infiltration.

And the best part is that we’ve designed the program to protect people who carry genetic factors that make them less resistant to environmental toxins..

Our system, which we call the Gene X Fat Loss program, has now seen tens of thousands of people transform their whole lives, happiness and vitality through their health.

Men and women of all ages and even entire families have shed pounds of stubborn body weight, boosted energy and dramatically enhanced their mental functions by following this blueprint.

Others have been delighted to have freed themselves of dangerous toxins and seen the disappearance of skin diseases, boosted their libido, enjoyed better self-esteem and superior communication skills.

And it’s all packaged into an easy-to-follow 4 phase program for both men and women


Phase 1

Is about removing chemicals from your diet, your environment and your body so you’re primed and ready for rapid weight loss. Our tests show this part is essential before starting any weight loss program for it to be effective.

Phase 2

Focuses on how to eat the right fat-burning foods and at what time of the day. So you can eat enough carbs and optimize your meals to boost your fat-burning hormones.

With our volunteers, the result of this was easy, fast weight loss, especially when phase 1 was implemented first. And don’t worry, there’s no calorie-counting, rabbit food, or restrictive diets here. In fact, you can even eat some bad foods like pie and pizza if you do it at certain times.

Phase 3

Targets boosting your hormones for ultra accelerated weight loss and increased energy. Both men and women report increased daily energy, mental clarity and memory improvement from phase 3. At this point you’ll start to see your love life spark up and your muscles tone up.

Phase 4

You’ll find out about some surprise rapid weight loss enhancement techniques involving very short exercise routines anyone can do at home in a few minutes. You’ll never spend hours in any gym or running aimlessly down the street if you follow the process outlined here.

And as your body will be free of the toxic load it’s no wonder that these techniques are now working for thousands..

Does the Gene X system work perfectly for everyone? Will it work for you?

We can’t be 100% sure it will work for everyone as each person is different and we don’t know if everyone will actually follow the plan properly.

But what we can say is that it’s effective for almost everyone who follows it. And if for any reason at all it isn’t highly effective for helping you shed pounds of body fat, I’d like to give it to you for free.

If at any point during the next 60 days you decide your weight loss results are not satisfactory or for any reason or you can’t follow the plan, you just let us know by sending a simple email to our support department and we’ll issue you a return of all your money.

Right down to the last cent. No questions asked. Within 24 hours.

If it doesn’t work for you, we don’t want your money.

Of course this system does have a cost..

My team of researchers has invested several years of hard grind to get to the scientifically proven, concrete facts and build our system from the ground up to protect the public from the slow toxic build-up causing people to become sick and overweight left right and centre.

If we were to sell our system to reflect all of the hard work that has gone into it, we’d be looking at thousands of dollars…

But we wouldn’t price it at thousands of dollars because that would be ridiculous wouldn’t it?

And I’ll get to the price in just a second.

First, I want to make you aware that you’ll also be getting the following bonus programs that we’ve decided to make available for free with the program:

Bonus 1

is a full video series of the step by step system. As well as getting the instantly accessible plans for men and women, you’ll also get clear, easy to follow videos that show you each and every step of the process. Sit back and watch these high quality videos to be sure you’re doing everything right. You’ll find toxin removal steps, dietary tips and exercises to enhance your weight loss in this valuable 3 video series. Valued at $297, these come for free with the program.

Bonus 2

is a full toxin removal blueprint to free your home from dangerous, hormone-disrupting chemicals. Once you implement this blueprint, you’ll be able to remove these dangerous items from your house starting today and protecting not only you, but your whole family in the process. You’ll get this valuable plan for free when you sign up.

Bonus 3

is the quick start plan designed so that you can start right away, today, with a series of action points and a timeline to implement the steps one by one. You’ll be able to refer back to this action plan whenever you need a quick reminder of what you need to be doing.

And while this exact system took years for us to produce, like I said, we won’t be putting a high price tag on it because quite simply, that wouldn’t be fair on folks who really need it would it?

So we’ve decided to make this full program, the 4 step Gene X Fat Loss system, the bonus 3 part high quality video series, the toxin removal blueprint and the quickstart plan for just $97..

Now I know you can’t wait to get going and that this is a great offer for what you’re going to get.

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You lose weight or it’s free.

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You can start benefit from being free of chemical disruption and start to shed pounds of body fat in just minutes from now.

I’ll leave the decision in your capable hands.

And before I sign off I’d like to talk about those other 2 health foods that can harm your weight loss goals.

Number 3 is clear honey

When you see clear honey you may not realize that it’s probably been processed and most of the highly beneficial pollen has actually been removed.

A recent study showed that between 76-100% of pollen was removed from major health store and grocery honey. *

Other studies have shown how hard it is to trace the origins of honey and that some countries have used animal antibiotics on the bees* which can affect your gut bacteria.

Number 4 is bottled water

Many studies have shown the presence of BPA in some brands of bottled water*.

In fact, it has got to the point where most water companies refuse to share the test results on their water.

The only water you should drink should be well filtered, no exceptions.

Now if you’re still here you’re probably wondering whether you should go ahead with this or you may have some questions

You may have tried everything and you haven’t yet found the solution.

You may be wondering if this will really work for you.

But if you’re feeling the effects of chemical change and weight loss resistance then what else can you do?

You’ve no doubt tried weight loss plans and exercise programs before.

But what did they do for you?

Not one of them directly addresses the chemical assault on your body..

The slow toxic build up that alters your cellular structure.

If you do nothing, you’ll still be where you are now 6 months down the line..

Frustrated, confused and tired of it all..

Perhaps you’ll have to spend a fortune on healthcare for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal problems or worse..

Whereas if you get started now you’ll be looking at a slim, toned, firm body in a few weeks from now..

You have my word this is what you’ll get.

Remember, you have a full 100% satisfaction guarantee to back you up. You lose weight or you get to try this system for free.

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And because we want this to work for as many people as possible, we also agreed to provide you with a firm guarantee, so that you know you can get your money back if for any reason, you are unable to follow the program.

You Lose Weight Or It’s FREE

And even though nobody really needs this guarantee or uses it, we think it’s important that you know what you’re buying is safe and that it is what it says it is.

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We’re also going to give you more outstanding tools for free to help you get to your ultimate goals..


The Gene X Fat Loss System Is Fully Adapted To Both Men And Women And Is Helping To Protect Entire Families From The Effects Of Toxins All Around Us

Once you start you’ll see that the system is safe, secure and easy to follow.

The recommendations and protocols are fully supported by science and backed up by validated studies.

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