Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this program consist of?

This program is a series of ebooks and videos, easy to understand and to follow.

The books and videos are instantly downloadable following your order, allowing you to begin your course tonight!

You can download this course on your  phone, tablet, Mac or PC and either read it from your screen or print it out in order to follow your new program.

A downloadable program not only means you start now, it also means you save money..

Q: Will this program really help me to lose weight?

The majority of people who follow this program are using it to lose weight.

There are also men who use it to massively increase their testosterone and women who follow the plan to reduce excessive estrogen levels.

The results are generally the same: people shed pounds of body fat, notice a rapid boost in energy and enhanced brain functions.

Those with low libido will observe a pleasant return of desire.

Skinny fat men and women are also enjoying remarkable transformations with this system. A whole host of other benefits are cell rejuvenation, increased drive and motivation, a more positive attitude and a youthful body.

Q: Are there really that many dangerous toxins around?

Yes there are. We have proof of it and the numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies show exactly how dangerous they are for your body.

This isn’t a fictional story, a fantasy, or a movie. It’s reality. And it’s up to us to take responsibility for our situation.

And our government? Unfortunately, they have allowed themselves be taken advantage of by powerful organizations. Some of these organizations are just far too strong for them.

But let’s not get side-tracked. We’ve revealed the truth to you and backed it up with scientific fact. Our research has shown that chemicals have entered our bodies and are causing devastation.

What you need to do now is focus on solutions to protect yourself from chemically-induced weight gain and ageing that you’ve experienced. Now’s the time to put this right.

Q: Will I need to pay for this program every month?

No you won’t. This is a single, one off payment for life time access and permanent membership and access to our resources. This easy and transparent method of payment is enabling us to keep this cutting edge information available to a far wider range of people.

Q: Why is the Gene X Fat Loss program priced so low?

Our mission is to contribute to a healthier, slimmer world. A world where less of us fall victim to illnesses they we expected, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and even cancer.

It is only by lowering the pricing that we can triple the amount of people who will read our recommendations and results of our research that we will share with you.

Q: Is this program guaranteed to work?

We are sure that every single person who follows this program and everything that is recommended, will lose weight. How much weight you lose depends on your genes, your physiology and your lifestyle.

However, we do understand that there are people who will be unable to follow the recommendations that we make and this is why we provide a full, solid 60 day guarantee.

Put simply, if you cannot follow this plan, if you change your mind, or if you don’t get 100% satisfaction, simply contact our customer service department with your order number and we will promptly refund you for the full amount of what you paid.

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