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Gene X Fat Loss System

The Gene X Fat Loss system is a complete nutritional system designed for both men and women that combines with innovative methods of optimizing your hormones and freeing your body and home from toxins.

With the program, you’ll also receive a quick start plan, rapid exercise tips and a toxin removal blueprint for steering clear of dangerous chemicals that are related to weight gain.

Bonus 1: Hormonal Perfection Plan Video 1 – Metabolic Nutrition

In this free bonus gift, you’ll have access to our metabolic nutrition advice for shredding weight from all the right places. Confused about what to eat and what to avoid? Do you think a specific food may be causing you problems? This informative video explains everything very clearly.

Bonus 2: Hormonal Perfection Plan Video 2 – HIIT Exercise

Free bonus 2 is a no-nonsense method to accelerate your results and power up your metabolism using highly effective rapid workout routines. These routines only last for 12 minutes max and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Bonus 3: Hormonal Perfection Plan Video 3 – Live Chemical Free

Free video bonus 3 is a tutorial teaching you how to live free of the chemicals in your home and environment that may be impacting your hormones and your weight. Once implemented, you can relax and feel confident that you are protecting your family from chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and parabens.

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$97 $20

Bonus 4: Fat Destroyer Workout Videos

With this free bonus program “Fat Destroyer Workouts” you’ll have access to these 3 awesome fat-destroying workout routines.

We know that while our exercise and nutrition advice are highly effective, having these workout routines in your weight loss arsenal will add variety and more fun to your workouts further down the line, as well as allowing you to vary your routines.

Bonus 5: Gene X Supplement Guide To Weight Control

Have you ever heard that supplements increase metabolism and block fat uptake? It is true, but only some substances are really effective. Find out which ones really work to burn off the fat and which supplements are only out to take your money only to provide you with no results.

Bonus 6: Gene X Diet Q & A Ebook

We’re here to answer all of your questions about nutrition with our qualified Q & A book about nutrition. This free bonus gift teaches you all you wanted to know but never found out about food. Confused about carbs? Here is the answer. Want the truth about gluten? We tell it like it is. Need advice on which desserts you can safely eat? They’re all here.

Bonus 7: Gene X Exercise Q & A Ebook

You’ll find all the answers to any questions you had about exercise in this excellent free ebook that you’ll receive with your order. Confused about cardio, weight training and when to exercise, morning or evening? Here you’ll find the answers.

We want you to succeed so much that we’re providing you with these 7 bonus programs for overcoming weight loss resistance, balancing hormones and reducing toxicity, without any charge.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the path to a slimmer, toned body. It’s on us.

Receive These 7 Bonus Ebooks Free When You Place Your Order (TIME LIMITED OFFER)

$97 $20