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  • Without more exercising
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  • Without more fasting
  • Without taking diet pills

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1 extra pound of fat per day in addition to what you’re already burning off?

You could use this method from the comfort of your own home to burn off fat whenever you feel like it..

You could use it to lose those extra pounds if you’ve been indulging in your favorite foods too much..

If you’ve been on a holiday and you’ve let things go for a couple of weeks..you can use this method for a few days when you get home to lose the weight you’ve gained and get back your slim, firm body again..

Or you can use it together with the Slimming Protocol program in order to strip away body fat faster than you thought possible..

And accelerate those results in time for the beach, swimming pool or to wear those new clothes you’d love to look great in..

I’m here to tell you how all of that is now possible..

It’s not a fantasy, or a dream anymore..

You can shed off fat from your body at will, without exercising, without dieting…

We Call It the Thermogenic Fat Burn method..

And it’s based on brand new research fresh from the labs..

Research which proved something quite astounding to us..

Rock solid proof that you can double your metabolism’s ability to burn through calories..

By simply using body temperature techniques to ‘trick’ your body into cranking up your metabolism to top speed…

This is a brand new and unique method and if you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t be surprised..

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Introducing The Thermogenic Fat Burn Method..

4-CDA concise, step by step blueprint resulting from years of finding results from studies, carefully analyzed and packaged into an easy-to-follow program for you..

Instantly accessible in both e-book and audio format, so you can either read it comfortably on the screen of your computer, tablet, iPad or telephone..

Or just listen to it calmly with your headphones while you walk down the street, exercise or drive..

Here at the Gene X Institute, our research discovered studies proving that your body temperature makes an enormous difference to the metabolism and thus the human body’s ability to lose weight..

And that central heating and warm clothing are, according to many experts including myself, actually contributing to the obesity epidemic..

And through the data from the studies, we were able to determine that anybody, man or woman, can use Thermogenic Fat Burn techniques to trick the body into reacting as though the core body temperature is actually lower than it really is..

Causing The Body To Melt Away Fat Cells Like A Furnace

And shedding pounds of unwanted flab from the body in the process..

fit-middle-aged-coupleAnd as you’ve just signed up to become a member of the Gene X Fat Loss program, we’d like to make it a lot easier for you to get your hands on this information too, so that you can get results even faster..

We know that many of our members are doing a great job of following the Gene X program and are having fantastic results..

Although our members are also telling us that they are prone to lapses..

Such as weekends away when they can’t help but indulge in rich foods..

Trips and events for work when they spend every night in the restaurant…

Nights out with friends when they drink too much…

And this means that the inevitable result of these lapses is slower progress in losing that weight..

So to help our members we decided it was essential that everybody has a back up plan..

A completely different method from dieting and exercise that they can use for a few days..

A program that can also help you to lose weight much faster if you need to get to the finish line in less time..

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

And of course, in case you change your mind or decide that this program isn’t for you, it’s fully covered by our rock solid 60 day guarantee which entitles you to your money back if you want.

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Another advantage of using the Thermogenic Fat Burn method is that people experience enhanced feelings of vitality and well being.

They report feeling more awake, invigorated and energetic..

Able to accomplish more in their day, and reach their goals in less time..

And this is a pleasant side effect that the Thermogenic Fat Burn additional program will give you..

As well as being able to lose weight much faster without exercising or dieting, you’ll be feeling more energetic, invigorated and positive throughout the entire day.

Having this program in your weight loss arsenal will better prepare you for any mishaps, lapses or lack of discipline that you may experience..

Of course we don’t encourage anybody to have lapses when it comes to their bodies, but we know that it happens all the time.

We live in a very busy world.

Many of us have to balance the demands of our families, a hard job or business, our social lives and everything that comes in between.

We don’t always get the time to work out, to prepare our food carefully, to time our meals..

Which is what makes these techniques so powerful in this modern day world..

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How is the Thermogenic Fat Burner method delivered to me?

You’ll instantly receive the downloadable e-book once you confirm that you’d like to add this program to your order. This can be read on your computer, tablet, iPad, Kindle or telephone whenever you like.

You’ll also gain immediate access to the audio version of this program, meaning that you can listen to it through your headphones or speakers when you’re driving, walking, exercising or even eating at home.

How does the Thermogenic Fat Burner method actually work?

Using thermogenic techniques means your body is actually flipping its own heating switch to the on position, which causes an expenditure of energy.

By using fluctuating temperature methods, we discovered that tricking the body into believing it needs to crank up the heat

Does Using The Thermogenic Fat Burn method mean I have to feel hot or cold?

Not at all..in fact, most people actually feel warmer than usual.

This is because your body cranks the metabolism up to top gear, causing a warming effect with the extra calories it’ll be burning..

I just need to lose weight from a specific part of my body, is that possible?

We hear this question from folks so often that we decided we just had to work out a way to help them out..

And the good news is that we devised a method of targeting specific body parts by simply focusing on changing the temperature of that specific body part.

Which means that if you’d like to lose weight specifically from the lower abdomen, the hips, thighs, arms or a place where it really bothers you, then you absolutely can.

No other weight loss technique that involves dieting or exercising is capable of actually targeting a specific body part.

This is an innovative, breakthrough method that is the only way of targeting weight loss from specific parts of the body..

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