Exclusive Message 2

I’d like you to read this final important message before getting started with your Slimming Protocol program in just 1 minute from now.

I know you’re going to get awesome results with the Slimming Protocol System, and especially if you chose to add the Thermogenic Fat Burn system to enhance your results..

But you need to be aware of this one essential statistic that can destroy your progress, which is this:

“The #1 reason that most people ultimately fail in their goals to melt body fat is because they are prone to losing their discipline..”

They let themselves go..

They have lapses for 1 day, which becomes 2 days..then entire weeks!

And the last thing we want for you is for all of that hard work to go to waste..

You know it as well as I do..

It’s hard to be strict with yourself about foods..

It’s tough to exercise sometimes..

And this brings us to a 2nd essential reason behind this, which is:

The reason that 85% of people lose motivation is because they lose the will to make their own food!

And why is that?

It’s because they don’t have enough delicious, tasty and healthy meals..

Here at the Gene X Institute, our primary motivation is to make sure that you get results..period.

That you achieve your goals of a firm, slim body that you can look in the mirror and be proud of..

And in fact, we devised the entire system so that it’s very easy for you to follow…

But people still find it hard to keep on track, because that’s just the way people are..

And we’re here to help you with that..

Which is why we spent months researching how to make it much easier for you, by providing you with the healthiest, most nutritious and beneficial metabolic recipes and meal plans that there are…

5-eBookCoverFor a limited time only, you can take advantage of this one time offer to receive these 100 metabolic anti-aging recipes at a special discount, for our members only..

You won’t find these recipes elsewhere, because quite simply nobody else has done the research, put in the months of effort and devotion that we have..

Put simply, they are unique in their anti-aging metabolic effect on your body.

In addition to this they’re made from tasty..mouth-watering delicious foods.

And most of all..

These recipes have been researched, tweaked and perfected to have an powerful positive impact on your metabolism..

Put simply, you’ll improve your chances of success by a full 60% with these metabolic anti-aging recipes..

100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guaranteed

As always, if ever you decide this recipe book isn’t for you, or you change your mind and decide you don’t need it, just send us an email at support @ genexfatloss.com and you’ll be fully refunded in 48 hours or less.

Your order is fully covered by this rock solid guarantee..

And all the responsibility is on us.

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Are these low fat recipes?

No they are not low fat recipes. None of them are. Fats are important to your diet and contrary to what many people thought for years, most fats are not responsible for weight gain and high cholesterol.

I have a sweet tooth. Are there deserts?

Yes we have recipes for deserts that contain only healthy, natural sweetening foods. Most people tell us these are far more delicious and wholesome than modern day convenience deserts which are high in sugar and additives.

Are these paleo recipes?

These are not all paleo but as paleo eating is very healthy, plenty of these rec ipes can indeed be considered paleo meals too.

Do you have gluten free meals?

90% of these recipes are indeed, gluten free.

If you are intolerant to gluten you will be fine eating these foods. In fact you’ll be better than fine.

Do you send me these books in the post?

To save money for you, this program is instantly downloadable on your Mac, PC, tablet or telephone. Meaning you can get started in just 2 minutes from now.


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No Thanks, I’d Rather Not Know How To Make Delicious, Anti-Aging, Rapid Weight Loss Food, I Will Pass On This For Good