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Which Hormone Could Be KEY To Losing My Belly Fat?

Our research team has been focusing on the role  that 4 key hormones play in weight loss, muscle definition and energy and has come to some very exciting new conclusions.

Losing weight is far less to do with what you eat than commonly accepted advice in the media would have you believe.

In fact, getting the slim, attractive body you deserve is far more about your hormonal balance, which can be affected by a number of different factors outside of diet.

1. Thyroid Hormones

When the thyroid gland is abnormally sluggish, this is a condition known as “hypothyroidism”.

This condition can cause a multitude of unwelcome symptoms that affect body composition, including unexplained weight gain and muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness.

Sometimes symptoms can manifest themselves by pushing you to make poor food choices, further exacerbating the problem of weight gain.

If you think this could be your key hormone to work on, go here to find out with our free quiz.

2. Estrogen/Testosterone Balance

It is increasingly more common for estrogen levels to be outside of the normal range in both sexes.

And in everyday life the exposure and subsequent increase in estrogen can lead to water retention, weight gain and bloating.

If these symptoms are the same as those you’ve been noticing you can find out how to deal with it by taking the quiz.

3. Insulin

Do you get frequent cravings for sweet foods and carbs?

If so, insulin could be your key weight loss hormone to get in balance.

With this test you’ll know for sure if insulin is what is causing any issues.

4. Cortisol

Associated with high stress levels, abnormally high levels of the cortisol hormone are directly linked to increase adipose fat around the waist, according to one study that was performed on a group of women.

You’ll have this confirmed by taking this 30 second test when the results are presented to you.

Why This Test Can Help You

1. Shedding unwanted body fat is about far more than “eating less than you consume” which is what we see on TV shows so often. This test will help you discover why you may find it hard to lose weight and what to do about it.

2. Everyone is different. Is it your insulin, cortisol, estrogen or thyroid that’s causing metabolism problems? You’ll find out this and more.

3. Based on your gender, age, body shape, and key hormone… we will give you a free recommendation that will help you to start losing fat.

4. Dieting and other commonly pitched weight loss methods can do you more harm than good. When you understand more about your own body, you’ll find it far easier to taylor your diet to fit your requirements and shed body fat safely and efficiently.



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